We Design and Develop Enterprise SaaS and Middleware and Sell Those Solutions as a Service

If you are visiting this page then most likely you are interested in one or more of the SaaS or Middleware (integration) products we have developed and offer as a service, not in ProcessFast directly. Click below to check out our SaaS and Integration offerings

Things we do:

  • Analyze business problems that are expensive, time and/or labor intensive and see if there is a better way to solve those problems using technology and automation.
  • Design software and business systems to solve important or expensive problems in a more: automated, accurate and/or cost effective manner.
  • Develop and test the designed solutions and iterate on them until we have a viable product for a particular audience.
  • Deploy, host, monitor, update and oversee running of those software systems in the cloud all while making sure that they are both scalable and secure.
  • A good analogy would be that we operate much like a Silicon Valley Venture Capital Firm that only invests in ventures designed in house. We then build the systems and sell the benefits of those solutions as a service to our clients and target audiences.

Things we don’t do:

  •  Work for hire or custom development for other companies wanting to build their own software or “app”.
  •  Hosting or support for any product that we have not built and thus do not sell.
  •  Fix your iPhone or Android.
  •  Provide end user technical support for systems that we do not sell.
  •  Setup any workflows in your title production software.

Who are your customers?

  • The SaaS and middleware products we build and sell are primarily purchased by companies within the Real Estate Settlement Services (AKA “Title”) Industry, but also span other industries as well.
  • We are our own customer. Meaning that after analyzing a business problem, if we decide to build a solution to help solve it then we fund that design and development ourselves. In the end ProcessFast retains the intellectual and copyright holdings for each product and integration service that we build and offer as a service to our clients. We do not take on venture capital or outside investors and thus we make the end decision on what products we develop and sell.