Products and Service Offerings

Each product or offering that we develop usually has a range of benefits, so we would highly recommend visiting the site of each product to learn more.

Ops Insights is our company's first and largest product offering by customer count. With Ops Insights we help Title Agents and Underwriters run more profitable, efficient and compliant operations by delivering real time actionable intelligence into their operations.

Title Industry Integration API

Our Title Industry Integration API was the result of a large company expressing their dissatisfaction with the amount and types of information that they could retrieve and/or sync between Title Production Systems such as ResWare and RamQuest and other outside systems. We provide a one to many API that can save substantial developments costs and provide data points not offered in native API's to companies that would like to integrate with Title Production Systems such as ResWare and RamQuest.

Automated Document Delivery

(Under Development)

One of the biggest problems within the Title Industry is delivering needed documents to and from a Title Production System to another party or system. Right now we are currently in testing of automated delivery of documents back and forth to RON (Remote Online Notarization) platforms as well as Lender's Post Closing departments for traditional closings.

Text Message Based Scheduling for Real Estate Closings (Under Development)

One of the most laborious processes within the Title Industry is all of the back and forth that happens when trying to schedule a purchase, refinance or other real estate closing. There are numerous parties involved and this process is usually handled manually via a series of phone calls, emails and text messages between various parties. We aim to simplify that and streamline that process with our text message scheduling application.